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Permanent Makeup NYC

Microblading & Permanent makeup studio

Ink Brow Studio - Nadira Farhat

Microblading & permanent makeup Studio Serving NYC

Whether you are looking to have a beauty treatment to enhance your look or simply to save time getting ready in the morning, Nadira Farhat at Ink Brow Studio is dedicated to providing you the best results possible.

Nadira Farhat has been trained by some of the industry's top masters and is happy to discuss treatments that would be right for you and your situation. Her goal is to provide you with the best, most natural-looking results.

Take a look around our website and if there is anything you would like to discuss, leave us an inquiry below and Nadira will get back to you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Microblading is the semi-permanent makeup technique which involves drawing the eyebrows on by hand. The treatment involves inserting pigment into the skin and shaping the brow according to the golden ratio to ensure a perfect brow-to-face symmetry. The procedure is quick, easy, and painless. Because it is semi-permanent, microblading can be retouched and redone later to suit your style accordingly.

Save time getting ready in the morning



Session lasts about 3 hours



Permanent makeup is suitable for all ages, skin tones, and hair colors and is beneficial to different people for different reasons. Permanent makeup will enhance and better define natural features and give you confidence that your makeup will look perfect 24 hours a day.


Permanent makeup can give a more youthful appearance. It can replace sparse and missing hairs in brows and recontour receding lip lines, as well as adding color and definition. You will never again experience smudged makeup after swimming and you will save time every morning as your brows, eyeliner, and lips will already be perfectly applied.


If you have experienced health issues such as alopecia or undergone chemotherapy, permanent makeup can give the appearance of natural hair strokes. It can be beneficial to people who suffer from hand tremors or diminishing eyesight due to age or medical condition. If you have been unable to wear makeup due to allergies, permanent makeup can solve this problem as it is all hypoallergenic. Permanent makeup allows you to always look your absolute best!


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Open 11am - 6pm By Appointment Only

330 East 65th St

(Inside Bronze Boutique & Spa NYC)

New York, NY 10065

316 86th St

(Inside Jana Health Care)

 Brooklyn, NY 11209

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